By Christian Holub
Updated September 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Cosplay is an imperfect art, but the goal is to use ingenuity and creativity to resemble a fictional character as closely as possible. Cosplayers often fall short of exact mimicry (not everyone looks like a Hollywood actor or an unrealistic drawing, after all), but the fun is in the attempt. Sometimes, though, there are eerie similarities.

This Harley Quinn cosplayer, for instance, looks remarkably like Margot Robbie’s version of the character from Suicide Squad. She’s even Australian, too. The woman, whom BuzzFeed Australia identifies as Laura from Sydney, looks remarkably like fellow Aussie Robbie. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her Harley cosplays, and they are remarkably on-point. Check out a sampling below.

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