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It was somewhat astounding to see so many political commentators criticize Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment this weekend when her opponent Donald Trump seems to go through such scandals on a daily basis (around the same time as those Clinton comments, for instance, an in-depth Washington Post investigation showed how Trump used money from his charities to buy gifts for himself, including a six-foot painting). On Monday night, Seth Meyers explained this disparity. There’s a double-standard among media treatment of the 2016 presidential candidates, and Meyers even found the perfect pop culture metaphor to describe it.

“This election has an older sister/younger brother dynamic. Basically, Trump is Ferris Bueller and you’re his sister Jeannie,” Meyers said. “Trump can skip school, dance on a parade float, and claim to be the sausage king of Chicago, but you, Hillary? You should know better. You were Secretary of State while he was televising a Gary Busey job interview. The rules are different for you.”

Clinton made those comments just before getting sick from pneumonia, which forced her to leave a 9/11 memorial event early. Meyers saw a connection between the two.

“These are the kinds of things you say when you have pneumonia and give a speech,” Meyers said. “I once gave an oral report in high school after taking Sudafed and said if Ahab wanted to kill a big white dick, he should have chucked a harpoon at Mr. Fenton, am I right? And I wasn’t wrong, but I shouldn’t have said it.”

Watch the clip below.

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