By Derek Lawrence
Updated September 13, 2016 at 06:33 PM EDT
Jessica Miglio; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee returned on Tuesday from a short hiatus and it was just in time for the host to join in on the widespread criticism of Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator at last week’s first Commander-in-Chief Forum.

Bee kicked off her discussion of the Forum, which had Lauer separately interviewing the two presidential candidates and taking questions from the audience, by describing the Today show host. “The moderator is a man whose crack journalism skills include getting up early and asking tough questions about recipes,” she said as a video rolled of Lauer asking about how to use Cheez-Its in a recipe. “What did the Cheez-Its know and when did they know it?”

The discussion then moved past Lauer’s credentials and into his choice of questions and the amount of time he allotted to certain answers for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Lauer spent a good chunk of the interview asking about the investigation into Clinton’s use of personal email, while he told her to give a brief answer when a veteran asked about deploying troops to combat ISIS.

“Oh, come on Matt,” said Bee. “Do you really think there’s an email smoking gun that the inspector general, a House committee, the FBI, and 18 months of non-stop news coverage couldn’t find that will be magically uncovered by seven minutes of questions from a human Splenda, whose crowning journalistic triumph is having no idea where the f— he is?”

Bee further mocked Lauer as a clip from Today played where he was dressed up as Pamela Anderson’s character on Baywatch. “Maybe this Halloween he can dress up as a journalist,” she zinged.

The Daily Show alum’s dissatisfaction with Lauer’s performance didn’t end with his questioning of Clinton as she criticized his lack of fact-checking the points of Donald Trump, whom she described as a “draft dodging, gold star family insulting, war crime advocating, torturephile, whose worst Vietnam flashbacks involve scrambling for the last plane out of gonorrhea.”

A female veteran in the audience asked Trump what he would do about the amount of veterans killing themselves each day and as he corrected her on how many veteran suicides happen per day, she clearly shakes her head in disagreement. “Oh shut up, that veteran was correct,” said Bee. “And that tiny polite headshake she gave was more fact-checking than Matt Lauer did in the entire 30 minutes that Trump spent bulls—-ing, bluffing, and gleefully bubbling about classified security briefings.”

Watch Bee take on Lauer and Trump in the video above, while in the video below, she criticizes the media for their lack of fact checking.