Renée Zellweger hadn’t steeped herself in Bridget Jones’s life in 12 years. So for the upcoming Bridget Jones’s Baby, the actress went all out.

Zellweger, an American, did the typical things one might expect of an actor playing someone from a different country. She moved to London to reacquaint herself with how people speak and worked with a dialect coach. Getting ready to play an expectant mother required a different method.

“I visited the midwife, and she was explaining the different stages of pregnancy. Watched a whole lot of YouTube videos — thank you, ladies — of births,” she told EW editor Henry Goldblatt during an exclusive EW Radio town hall, an excerpt of which you can hear below. “We poached a little bit from a lot of different women’s birthing experiences.”

Bridget’s life is different in Baby, but not only because of the imminent child. With her new job as a news producer, Zellweger hopped in the control booth for ITV’s Good Morning Britain to see how a live show comes together. She left astonished.

“The controlled chaos in that room is extraordinary; I don’t know how they don’t lose their minds, because they have to catch up time,” Zellweger explained. “You have to stop when the show is over [time], and they’re cutting away to live crews around the world. I promised myself I’d never be a verbose guest on the couch at a live morning show ever again.”

The SiriusXM town hall with Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey will premiere on Friday at 2p.m. ET and play throughout the weekend on EW Radio (ch. 105), and anytime on the SiriusXM app.

Bridget Jones’s Baby opens Friday.

Bridget Jones's Baby
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