By Dalton Ross
September 09, 2016 at 08:09 PM EDT
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Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the house. Today, she weighs in on Natalie’s attitude towards James, whether she threw him under the bus, and possible names for Jeff and Jordan’s baby.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What do you think about the way Natalie blamed James for her being on the block while completely changing her attitude towards him this past week?

JULIE CHEN: I think Natalie blaming James for being on the block was the biggest and longest lasting “I told your so” I have ever seen. She was kicking herself for not going with her gut in not trusting Nicole and Corey, but she was kicking James even harder. Her about-face on how she treated James this week was at the very least a little bratty and at the very worst a little psycho. It was like the sheen wore off and you saw a whole other side to her. Yikes.

What do you think: Did Natalie throw James under the bus with her comments to Victor and Paul?

I don’t think she totally threw James under the bus. I mean, she DID, but she did it in a very crafty, covering her ass way. She basically said to Paul and Victor that it was not her instinct to stab them in the back but that James influenced her to do so, because he wanted to work with Corey and Nicole. She then covered her ass by telling James what she said to Victor and Paul. I may be giving her too much credit for coming up with this crafty approach, because it’s a possibility she didn’t even realize what she was doing.  

Finally, did you do any lobbying for Jeff and Jordan to call their baby boy Zingbot or Technotronics?

I wanted to pitch Chenbot, to be honest. It works for a boy or a girl. Or it could be one of those cool names that you think hearing it that it’s a girl cause it’s associated with me, but then when you find out it’s a boy it makes it hip.  Second choice I wanted to pitch was Jordeff. I didn’t even think of Zingbot, but now that you mention it, that would be hilarious!!!! I love it!

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