By Christian Holub
September 09, 2016 at 12:18 PM EDT
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Jimmy Fallon is on good terms with nearly every celebrity that comes on The Tonight Show, but he doesn’t always know them as well as he thinks he does. On Thursday night, for example, Ariana Grande stopped by to play a Best Friends Challenge (where the two participants guess each other’s answers to questions) and Fallon was not as in-sync with Grande as he may have thought.

The first question, for instance, was about what animal you would be if you could. Fallon guessed Grande’s answer was “kitty cat” (reasonable enough, given her documented love of cat ears) but her actual response was “seahorse.” Later, another question asked her to name her first celebrity crush. Grande’s answer was Jim Carrey, even though Fallon guessed himself. Then it was time for the final question — “What’s my most embarrassing or bad habit?” — and Grande’s guess for Fallon was “guessing that you’re my first celebrity crush.”

Watch the clip below.

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