The seven-song project will be released Oct. 7

By Joey Nolfi
Updated September 08, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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A little over a year since they released their fifth studio album, Third Eye Blind is back with a brand new EP, We Are Drugs, which will feature seven original tracks when it hits digital retailers in October.

The band recorded the EP earlier this spring during a week-long intensive at the Sonic Ranch, a renowned, vintage recording studio located within a pecan orchard in Texas.

“The setting allowed us the focus to take songs sometimes all the way from inception to completion in continuous sessions,” frontman Stephan Jenkins said via statement of the creative process behind the album. “We also allowed ourselves freedom on We Are Drugs from any definitions or guidelines of what we were supposed to be. We just took joy in getting in a big room together and letting music happen and then chasing it around wherever it led us. It is one of the most freeing recording experiences I have had.”

A preview track from We Are Drugs, “Cop Vs. Phone Girl,” which touches on issues of police brutality and race, was released in July. The EP’s opening track, “Company of Strangers,” is now streaming on SoundCloud.

We Are Drugs will be released Oct. 7 online. Listen to “Company of Strangers” and check out the project’s cover art and track listing below.

1. “Company Of Strangers”

2. “Queen Of Daydreams”

3. “Don’t Give In”

4. “Isn’t It Pretty”

5. “Sherri”

6. “Weightless”

7. “Cop Vs. Phone Girl”

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