The clip debuted on Facebook Thursday
Credit: Steve Keros

On Thursday, rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers released the music video for their new single “Go Robot” exclusively on their Facebook page.

The funky video, which was shot over two days in Brooklyn, N.Y., takes inspiration from the ’70s dance movie Saturday Night Fever, recreating some of its classic scenes, as well as featuring a few of the exact locations from the John Travolta classic.

The video, directed by Thoranna Sigurdardottir, also sees an almost-naked Anthony Kiedis — covered in white paint and wearing a bowler hat and not much else — show off his moves (and body), grab a slice of pizza (it is set in NYC after all), and join an impressive ensemble dance routine — which fits perfectly with the song’s disco vibe.

The single is taken from the band’s most recent album The Getaway.

Watch the video below.