By EW Staff
Updated March 14, 2017 at 01:09 PM EDT

If you can’t decide what shows are worth your time, or are a victim of Peak TV, we’ve got the solution for you. With the arrival of EW’s annual Fall TV Preview issue, we’re launching a new podcast that dives deep into the world of TV and streaming.

Inspired by our magazine’s long-running TV section, What to Watch will break down the biggest stories of the week, reveal episode previews, debate the latest TV trends, and answer your burning questions — like, did [REDACTED] really have to die on The Walking Dead? Or, are the final four words on Gilmore Girls really [REDACTED]?

What to Watch will be hosted by EW’s Ray Rahman and Amy Wilkinson, and available every Friday morning. There will also be visits from fellow EW staffers, as well as interviews with the stars and creators from your favorite shows. Subscribe now to be the first to get the scoop when our premiere episode debuts this Friday, and feel free to email questions and comments to us at What to Watch is produced by EW’s Cristina Everett and edited by Will Malnati of At Will Radio.