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“There isn’t a good man among them. Not anymore,” warns an ominous voice (which sounds a lot like Ray Stevenson’s Blackbeard) in the opening moments of our first look at season 4 of Starz’s Black Sails. “Some of them may have been, some of them may be again,” the voice continues over footage of ships at sea, clandestine meetings in the dark, men preparing for battle on the beach. And then: “Good men are not what the moment requires.”

This 30-second teaser packs a delightful punch, and seems to pick up right where the season 3 finale left off. After all, “there isn’t a good man among them anymore” sounds like a direct reference to Edward “Blackbeard” Teach’s (and everyone’s) favorite bad-man-turned-good, Captain Charles Vane (Zach McGowan). From what we can see in this teaser, that devastating-yet-calculated loss from last season seems to be having the desired and potentially revolution-inspiring effects on the remaining pirates and other assorted power players in Nassau.


Black Sails returns to Starz in January 2017. Watch the teaser trailer for its fourth and final season above.

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