By Aya Cash
September 07, 2016 at 09:16 PM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of FXX’s sharp, raunchy, cult comedy, You’re the Worst, is taking EW behind the scenes. For each episode, one member is recapping, sharing thoughts on what went down, and walking us through the ins-and-outs of the show. This week, actress Aya Cash (she plays Gretchen) takes us through the second episode of season 3, “Fix Me, Dummy.”

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Hi there, I’m Aya Cash from FXX’s You’re the Worst here to do EW’s job for them. Sometimes recaps can be negative. Clearly this one will not be.

There seems to be an arc to every season. Start off with a bang (literally for season 1 and 3) then pull back a little to ease you in to what will be season long arcs with some unexpected twists along the way. Episode 2 is a little more subdued than the premiere of season 3. We got a lot last week a stabbing (Lindsay and Paul), going off meds (Edgar), and some simultaneous orgasms (Jimmy and Gretchen). Sidenote: I had to Google “orgasm at the same time” to remember that phrase because we are still shooting and my brain feels full of cotton candy — like every synapse collapses with moisture. Not sure that’s the right visual either. Anyway, moving on.

Episode 2, “Fix Me, Dummy,” starts Gretchen on her quest for the magic pills and “talky talky” to prevent another depressive episode, which brings us to SAMIRA WILEY!!!! I feel I have played it very cool around her, but inside I was fan girling the f— out when she showed up. We block shoot, which means that we shoot multiple episodes at a time. There are days you will flip through scenes from four episodes. This first block we shot episodes 1, 2, 3 and 6, and because Samira is in high demand I shot from episode 8 with her as well. She was a total professional, super talented, and clearly very nice to look at. I think it’s a stroke of genius that Stephen Falk cast her. She is younger, prettier, has her shit together, and is the perfect person for Gretchen to play out her issues against. Her character is able to stand up to Gretchen in a way that few do, and it’s going to be a fun dynamic to see unfold over the season.

Meanwhile, Edgar is moving Dorothy into her new place and teaching homeless people improv techniques to improve their signage, and Jimmy is obsessing about his just-finished erotic book proposal. Lindsay is dealing with the fallout from stabbing Paul, both repulsed by her own actions and by her moaning over-medicated pus-y/pussy husband. The episode ends with Gretchen attempting to face her fears and open a stack of mail she’s been avoiding, which feels great… until she opens a letter from Jimmy’s sisters with an obituary for his father in it. And there you have the last piece of the season long arcs.

Questions and some answers:

  • Will there ever be a real readable copy of Jimmy’s new book? I think viewers should start piecing together the excerpts that you hear from throughout the season.
  • Does Allan McLeod (who plays Paul) get MVP this season? He’s already gone through so much. (Spoiler alert: It may get worse)
  • Where are the rappers? (Everyone feels this in every episode they aren’t in.) SPIN-OFF PLEASE.
  • Did Kether ever slip me a real kiss in that scene? Yes. Yes, she did.
  • Is that the diner and exact booth they shot Love in? Yes. Yes, it is.
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