'They have something special,' Jeff Davis tells EW about Stiles and Lydia

By Samantha Highfill
September 07, 2016 at 05:12 PM EDT
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Teen Wolf has dealt with all kinds of supernatural villains. From werejaguars to the Nogitsune, there isn’t a villain out there that Scott and his pack can’t fight. But what if the villain isn’t looking for a fight? What if they’re just… stuck?

That’s what showrunner Jeff Davis wanted to explore in the show’s final season, which introduces the Ghost Riders, a mysterious group of supernatural henchmen who wield a surprising power and are unable to leave Beacon Hills. “We’ve had seasons where there’s just bodies dropping everywhere, and we wanted to do something frightening but different,” Davis says. “What’s scarier than death? Being forgotten. Being completely erased.”

All it takes is for someone to see the Ghost Riders and they’re not only taken, but their entire existence is obliterated. (Not coincidentally, that plot device helped Davis write around Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner: The Death Cure shooting schedule.) Here, Davis shares a script page from the season 6 premiere, which reveals one of Stiles’ last moments before he’s abducted.

Breaking down the script page, Davis explains why Lydia, of all people, is the one who manages to hold onto Stiles’ memory the longest when everyone else starts forgetting him: “They have something special,” Davis says of Stiles and Lydia. “We decided that this is the place to show that they’ve gone from a simple crush to friends to something deeper.”

As for what Beacon Hills will look like without Stiles, Davis says: “Almost immediately people will notice something missing, because Stiles is such an indelible part of Beacon Hills.” However, as early as episode 2, Davis says Scott, Malia, and Lydia will come together to realize something’s off. “They each realize that something huge is missing in their life and they come to this eventual conclusion it might be a person.”

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Teen Wolf season 6 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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