By Christian Holub
September 07, 2016 at 11:53 AM EDT

With autumn almost underway, the 2016 presidential race is finally hitting the home stretch, so candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are making their final efforts to reach demographics that have so far eluded them. Trump, who has been known to poll at literally zero percent among some black voters, tried to make up his deficit this past weekend by visiting a Detroit church with his campaign surrogate (and former primary opponent) Ben Carson. As Seth Meyers found when he examined the trip for his A Closer Look segment on Tuesday night, however, news footage of the two of them in church mostly shows Carson checking his phone and Trump checking his hair.

“I love how any time Trump engages in even the slightest physical activity, he has to check to make sure his hair is still there,” Meyers said.

This minority outreach is a bit of a struggle for Trump, who made his name as a political figure insisting that President Barack Obama was born outside the United States. Trump’s makeshift solution to his “birther” history so far has mostly involved avoiding the subject. “I don’t talk about it anymore,” Trump insisted in response to one ABC journalist.

“What kind of an answer is that? You’re a presidential candidate, not Ben Affleck being asked about Gigli,” Meyers said.

Trump’s outreach to Latino voters has been just as confusing, especially since building a wall on the Mexican border and deporting undocumented immigrants has been a cornerstone of his campaign rhetoric from the beginning. Trump’s immigration policy lacks specifics; as Meyers put it, it’s mostly about mobilizing his supporters’ fear of cultural change than any concrete plan. But not everyone is scared of a demographic shift in America, as people found out when Trump surrogate Marco Gutierrez warned on MSNBC that without Trump’s immigration plan, the U.S. would soon see “taco trucks on every corner.” 

“Taco trucks on every corner? You can’t threaten people with something they actually want,” Meyers said. “This is America. The only thing we love more than tacos are tacos that come to us.”

Watch the clip below.

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