The first stills from Pablo Larraín’s Jackie teased Natalie Portman’s physical transformation into the former First Lady for the better part of the last year, and now audiences can finally see the Oscar-winning actress in action as Jacqueline Kennedy in the first clip from the upcoming biopic.

In the first officially-released scene from the film, which premiered Wednesday online, Kennedy (Portman) discusses plans for a funeral procession with Jack Valenti (Max Casella) shortly after her husband’s death.

“I’ve changed my mind. We will have a procession, and I will walk to the cathedral with the casket,” Kennedy says. Valenti, skeptical of her decision, pushes back. “Well, even if we could resume the arrangements, I’m sure you can understand the Secret Service has their concerns. President Johnson would like nothing more than to fulfill your wishes, but I have to take into account his safety. The country couldn’t endure another blow…” he trails off, realizing the insensitivity of his words.

Kennedy responds: “Mr. Valenti. Would you mind getting a message to all our funeral guests when they arrive? Inform them that I will walk with Jack tomorrow. Alone, if necessary. And tell General DeGaulle that if he wishes to ride in an armored car — or in a tank, for that matter — I won’t blame him. And I’m sure the tens of millions of people watching won’t, either.”

While Portman’s hair and wardrobe recall the titular first lady’s iconic sense of style, her accent is also spot-on when compared to Kennedy’s real voice. The film itself is structured around Theodore H. White’s LIFE interview with Kennedy, which took place during the aftermath of President John F. Kennedy’s Nov. 22, 1963 assassination.

Jackie, which also stars Billy Crudup, Peter Sarsgaard, Greta Gerwig, and John Hurt, world-premiered this week at the 2016 Venice Film Festival, where it received positive reviews. Critics touted Portman’s performance as one of the film’s strongest elements, while Larraín’s direction was also heavily praised.

The film currently does not have a North American distribution deal, though it will screen on Sunday as part of the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Watch the new clip from Jackie (via The Film Stage) in the video above.

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