We're not even going to mention how this show has no actual mistresses anymore
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Hey, did you guys happen to catch the season finale of Mistresses last night? (Spoilers, obviously, ahead.) Oh, no big deal, they just happened to kill off one of their major characters, Dr. Karen Kim. OR DID THEY? The final shot had April (Rochelle Aytes) seeing what looked to be her dead friend walk in the door, but it was some other lady altogether, one who introduced herself as Karen Kim. Say what now?

We do know that reportedly Yunjin Kim, who has portrayed Dr. Karen Kim since the start of the show, will not be returning. Will Mistresses? No word yet from ABC. But in honor of this latest zany turn, here are some of our favorite bananas/bonkers/loony/defies-all-belief storylines from the last few seasons.

11. Joss (Jes Macallan) is in a committed lesbian relationship for about four seconds. She’s then engaged to the shoe fetish guy, before leaving him for her sister’s ex-husband.

10. April almost has a relationship with a transgender man before she freaks out and the show forgets about him.

9. Jerry O’Connell is Karen’s nanny.


7. Karen’s nanny — who replaced Jerry O’Nanny — catfishes Rory’s hot dad from The Gilmore Girls.

6. April becomes involved with a sexy painter, who turns out to really be a federal agent.

5. Karen becomes part of a throuple with a husband and wife — the wife is dying of cancer. Karen gets pregnant and names the baby after her.

4. Karen has an affair with a married man. He dies. (She helps him do it!) She then has an affair with his young son. His mother holds Karen at gunpoint. Shoots son instead.

3. Karen decides to try being a prostitute. She calls herself Jennifer.

2. April’s dead husband turns out not to be dead. Then is dead again.

1. Joss is held at gunpoint by Wilson (Jarod Joseph), who is dressed up to look like his employer, Jennifer Esposito’s Calista Raines (wig and caftan and all!).

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