September 07, 2016 at 06:00 PM EDT

Brooklyn rapper Desiigner’s song “Panda” has been one of the biggest hip-hop hits of the year. As Jimmy Kimmel noted on Tuesday night, even little kids love the song, perhaps because they think it’s actually about pandas. After all, the lyrics go by so fast it’s hard for anyone to understand that it’s actually about a white BMW X6 luxury car that Desiigner thinks resemble the endangered animal. To prove it, Kimmel went out on the street and asked pedestrians what they thought the song’s lyrics were about.

“I got bras in the morning” was one woman’s interpretation of “I got broads in Atlanta,” while a man thought “pockets swole, Danny” was actually “dinosaur, bimbo.” Another man thought that Desiigner shouting “panda” over and over was actually some unprintable swear, and one guy grabbed onto the “credit cards and the scammers” lyric as the key to the whole song.

“This guy works in the bank, right?” he asked excitedly. “Scan the credit cards, something like this, right?”

Desiigner actually performed later in the show, though he did his new single, “Timmy Turner,” rather than “Panda.”

Watch the clip below.

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