By Christian Holub
September 07, 2016 at 01:06 PM EDT

Move over, Bill Nye. The Science Guy may have just gotten his own Netflix talk show, but James Corden basically pre-empted it with a science-heavy episode of The Late Late Show on Tuesday night. Corden brought Professor Robert Winston, author of science-heavy children’s books like Utterly Amazing Science, on to the show to conduct some colorful experiments.

Winston and Corden messed around with three different kinds of gases. The first was hydrogen; Winston injected hydrogen into soapy water, making bubbles that Corden then lit with a torch to create giant fireballs. The second experiment involved oxygen; Winston and Corden poured hydrogen peroxide into two tie-dyed soapy solutions, which then exploded upwards to create a rain of colored foam as Corden and Winston ran for cover. 

“It wasn’t quite a simultaneous orgasm, was it?” Winston asked, noting the slightly different timing on the two explosions.

“It wasn’t a simultaneous orgasm, but it was very much like my sex life with my wife,” Corden said. “I did it, I ran away, and let her do whatever she needs to do.” 

The third, somewhat less-colorful experiment involved using nitrogen to blow up a container of 4,000 ping-pong balls.

Watch the clip below.

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