Credit: Comedy Central

Donald Trump visited Detroit last week in an attempt to win backing from black voters — an issue for the Trump campaign so far, as polls this summer showed the GOP nominee had as low as 0 percent support from the African-American community in certain states. As Trevor Noah joked on Tuesday’s episode of The Daily Show, “There are more black people excited for the new Kevin James sitcom” than Trump.

“He either goes to barbershops, Tyler Perry movies, or black churches. But he’s not going to go to Tyler Perry movies, because, I mean, Madea’s a 2. He’s not going to go to a barbershop because they’d hook him up. So his only remaining option is church,” Noah said, before showing footage of Trump’s visit to the Great Faith Ministries International church in Detroit on Saturday.

While at the church, Trump was shown dancing as music was performed. “I’ve got to call out the media on this one. Donald Trump was not swaying to the music. He was swaying, and there happened to be music playing at the same time,” Noah joked. “The two happened completely independent of each other.”

The segment, which Noah titled via chyron “Orange Tries to Woo Black,” later showed footage of Trump being given a white prayer shawl by the church.

“You guys put it on the shoulders? My other friends put the white sheet over their heads,” Noah said while impersonating Trump and invoking the KKK. “To each their own, folks. We all do it differently, folks. Different ways.”

Watch the full segment, which includes commentary from Roy Wood Jr. about Trump’s black voter outreach, below.