Collateral Beauty
Credit: Barry Wetcher

It didn’t take long for Will Smith to sign on to this December’s Collateral Beauty. “It was one of those where you get a screenplay and you are in by page 10. You just go, ‘Okay, I’m making this one,'” Smith told EW last month. “It’s a really beautiful story and one of those movies that makes the holiday beautiful.”


Now with this first trailer — which you can watch above — we can understand maybe a little bit more about what Smith was talking about. Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and Jacob Latimore play Death, Love, and Time, respectively — all seemingly summoned by Howard, who has been writing and mailing grief-stricken letters to the big three. Or are they? Smith described the movie (directed by David Frankel and also starring Edward Norton and Kate Winslet) as It’s a Wonderful Life meets The Wizard of Oz — and if that makes sense to you, congratulations — so we may have to wait till Dec. 16 when Collateral Beauty arrives in theaters to know the full story.

Collateral Beauty
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