The company made the announcement at the Apple Launch on Wednesday

By Allison Sadlier
Updated September 07, 2016 at 05:59 PM EDT
Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images; Nintendo

Apple revealed new plans to incorporate Pokémon Go and Apple Watch during the company’s launch event on Wednesday.

Apple partnered with Niantic Labs to create “heads-up game play” that encourages Pokémon Go to exercise while trying to catch ’em all. Players can start walking or running with the Pokémon Go game on their Apple Watch can see calories burning and time spent working out while keeping an eye on nearby Pokémon.

The Apple Watch works with the iPhone and will alert users to Pokéstops that are close. Players can even hatch eggs directly from their watches. After wrapping up a workout, users can see a summary of their exercise along with all their Pokémon progress.

Though a specific release date hasn’t been announced, Apple revealed the latest edition of Pokémon Go for Apple Watches will be available sometime in September.