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How hard is it to track down a sabertooth cat on a mystical manmade island? According to Zoo actor James Wolk, it’s a process about as wild as having to pretend to face off against an animal that you’ve never actually seen before…because it’s been extinct for 10,000-ish years.

Heading into Tuesday night’s season 2 finale, the world-saving Zoo team is going to the island of Pangea, and Wolk spoke with EW to give the audience a few fair warnings. “Anytime humans are tampering with science, you have the capacity to do great and the capacity to do evil,” said Wolk. “[On Pangea], we’re going to be encountering huge advancements in science.”

Escorting the Animal Avengers to Pangea and the final triple helix animal is Dr. Robert Oz, also known as Jackson’s dad, who, let’s not forget, shot his entire family up with mutant juice before disappearing for a decade or so to film madman animal vlogs, and then fake his own death. If you’re sensing there’s some reason to be suspicious of Dr. Oz, Wolk says you’re on the right track: “I would say the audience should be watching [Dr. Oz] as closely as Jackson is watching him,” says Wolk. “Jackson really wants to be believe his dad is doing the right thing — but there’s a lot of reason to question him.”

Watch in the exclusive clip above as Dariela, Abe, and Jackson prepare to go sabertooth tracking. But as Wolk reminds, “It’s not as simple as just showing up and getting the cat. The team is constantly dealing with obstacles [in the finale] that they could never expect.”

The two-hour Zoo season finale airs Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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