By Noelene Clark
September 05, 2016 at 04:39 PM EDT
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Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

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Two new clips from Terrence Malick’s long-gestating Voage of Time: Life’s Journey are, well, out of this world.

The film, which makes its debut Tuesday at the Venice Film Festival, has been some 40 years in the making. The feature-length version screening at the festival features narration by Cate Blanchett, who starred in Malick’s 2015 film, Knight of Cups.

“The shadows flee… the show… Time goes back to her source,” Blanchett intones in one of the new clips featuring a scene from the cosmos. In the other, she says, “You… too great to see… no end to your birth.”

According to the movie’s official synopsis, Voyage of Time is “an exploration into our planetary past and a search for humanity’s place in the future. Humming with the energy of nature itself, the film melds innovative special effects with awe-inspiring footage from around the globe, in search of what lasts, what endures, through time’s changing scenes.”

In addition to the 90-minute version debuting at Venice, Malick is releasing a 45-minute IMAX version, featuring Brad Pritt as the narrator. That version will premiere in the U.S. on Oct. 7.

Check out the new clips above and below.

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

  • Movie
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  • 10/07/16
  • 40 minutes
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