By Nick Romano
Updated September 03, 2016 at 09:41 PM EDT

Internet sensation Rebecca Black is back on the scene with a new music video for “The Great Divide.” Thankfully, she didn’t release it on Friday.

For better or worse, Black went viral for her 2011 song “Friday,” which garnered a slew of hateful comments online. “The Great Divide,” which debuted on Billboard Saturday, was initially an effort to prove all her dissenters wrong. In a tearful video intro posted to YouTube, the singer said, “I just wanted to prove everyone wrong, but at the same time, now that it’s here I have that within myself and I don’t need that anymore.”

She continued, “What I’m also so excited for is, there have been some of you that I’ve seen stick with me for through literally four or five years now and you’ve always been so excited and so patient with me, so before the music video starts I wanted to say thank you to you guys.”

Appearing on The Tonight Show back in the Jay Leno era, Black addressed all the online harassment she received for “Friday.” “I used to look at them all the time and I cried, but I’m 13,” she said. “So, being a teenager, you care about what other people think about you…but now I don’t even read them, so they don’t bug me anymore.”

In “The Great Divide,” Black shows us an entirely new look as she sings and dances through a blue smoke. Watch the video above.