Credit: Mario Lopez/Instagram

Mario Lopez took a trip back to Bayside High School by visiting Chicago’s Saved By the Bell-themed restaurant called Saved By the Max.

Currently taking reservations through Dec. 29, the W. North Avenue diner channels the hit series with a wall of quotes, the Bayside Tigers logo, appropriately named menu items, and a replica of A.C. Slater’s locker. Lopez portrayed the character for 4 seasons before Saved By the Bell went off the air in ’92.

“I have to check out this little Saved By the Bell pop-up,” the Extra TV host said in a series of Instagram videos of his tour through the diner, meet-and-greet with patrons, and a reading of the menu, including his namesake burgers (the AC Sliders) and cocktail (the Albert Clifford). “Why’s it gotta be a margherita?” he laughed.

Watch his tour through Saved By the Max below.

Saved by the Bell
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