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Anything on Supernatural’s big bad in season 12? — Cady

Only if you mean big bads, plural. “At the beginning of the season, Lucifer’s still out there. You’ve got the British Men of Letters, and you’ve got a couple other players,” showrunner Andrew Dabb says. “It’s less Sam and Dean having to go up against one enemy and it’s more Sam and Dean, especially as the season progresses, feeling they’re surrounded by enemies, some of whom may be people they have viewed as allies up until this point.” *Please don’t be Cas. Please don’t be Cas.*

Do you have any Japril spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy? — Safae

For April and Jackson, this season will explore “in a much lighter way, what it means to be uncoupled, to be divorced, and to have a kid, and how you do that?” EP Shonda Rhimes says. “They’re going to really try to do this in a healthy way, and is that healthy way going to feel so healthy when they still have feelings for each other?”

Do you have any scoop about Snow White and Prince Charming from Once Upon a Time? — SnowingFan

Would it make you happy if I told you that the OUAT bosses say they want to see a lot of Snow and Charming this year? “Charming has always had questions about his family and his father that he thought were answered,” EP Adam Horowitz says. “Charming’s past becomes something very important to his future. We’re going to see him and Snow embarking on some adventure related to that past, and what that’s going to create for them moving forward, which is some unexpected obstacles to that happy ending they’re all trying to live.”

If Wally is now Kid Flash, does Barry still have his powers in this new timeline on The Flash? — Cami

“He does,” EP Andrew Kreisberg assures me, teasing that power will be very prevalent in season 3. “One of the themes is what does it mean to have power, what you do with that power, and is power ultimately corrupting?”

Thanks for all the Blindspot spoilers (and clues?), but do you have anything on Patterson? — Kimmy

Let’s just say that Patterson is initially nOt a biG fan of Archie Panjabi’s new character. “Patterson and Nas lock horns a little bit because Nas is from the NSA and so they have an enormoUs amount of computing power behind them that Patterson would love to have access to,” EP Martin Gero says. “She’s frustrated by how much they know and aren’t sharing with the rEst of the intelligence community. They have a great little arc about becoming allies.”

OMG!!! Is Frank going to be on How to Get Away with Murder or did Charlie Weber leave the show? — ElfitA

Don’t worry, Charlie Weber is still on the show — for now. “Frank was in the wind last time we saw him and we’re going to see where he went in the first episode,” EP Pete Nowalk says, teasing that Frank’s betrayal of Annalise will put Bonnie in a tough spot. “Frank is her brother in arms, they are thick as thieves. She’s in a predicament of whose side does she take: Annalise or Frank?”

The Blacklist please! — Nancy

Lest we forget, Liz Keen isn’t the only one in danger when the show returns. “I open season 4 locked in a trunk, which is not a good place to be,” Ryan Eggold tells me. But it won’t be long before Tom gains his freedom and sets his sights on finding Liz. “At the end of season 3, Liz and I got the briefest of glimpses of what it would be like to live that idyllic dream as a family on a beach in Cuba, and then it’s taken away. So having tasted it, the stakes are higher. I don’t think there’s anything that Tom wouldn’t do to get them both back.”

Anything Jake and Amy for Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s return? — Cheryl

Since Jake’s been in witness protection, there are some strains on his relationship with Amy. “It’s not putting it in jeopardy,” Andy Samberg tells me. “But they miss each other a lot. Eventually they will see each other again and it’s hard for them to get back into sync.” EP Dan Goor concurs: “It’s awkward to make up time after not seeing each other for six months. When they first see each other, that might cause some tension.”

What’s coming up on Modern Family this season? — Jason

Fred Willard will be returning in season 8 as Phil’s father, Frank. “He comes back with a very different life situation that throws Phil into a tizzy,” EP Steve Levitan tells me. Speaking of new family dynamics, Levitan reveals, “Mitch and Cam are taking in one of the football players from Cam’s team, who’s going to live with them for a little while.”

Was it me, or did The Fosters just ignore Brandon’s breakup with Court in the finale? — Dina

By “breakup,” I’ll assume you’re referring to that Dear John letter Brandon sent Court while he was in New York City auditioning for Juilliard. No, that hasn’t been forgotten — we’ll see Court again when the show returns next year, according to executive producer Peter Paige. “Yes, in early season 4B, you will see how that all played out,” he promises. Whether or not Brandon will be groveling and begging for forgiveness now that he’ll be staying in San Diego remains to be seen.

Best news I’ve heard all week: Finally!

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