By Ruth Kinane
Updated September 02, 2016 at 01:50 PM EDT
Credit: ABC

Ah, the joys of dental care.

On Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, actress Casey Wilson stopped by and told the tale of her trip to the dentist earlier that day, adult diapers and all. But that wasn’t all. The Happy Endings star shared a special video message she filmed after her oral procedure, while still under the dizzying effects of anesthesia.

Wilson confessed that her dentist said he wouldn’t treat her while she was conscious. “I’m a nervous patient and I start shaking and crying,” she explained. “It’s odd for your dentist to say to you, ‘If you’re here, I can’t be here.'”

Things got even more odd when the anesthesiologist offered the actress a diaper to wear before he put her under. “I thought it was sweet. I said I think I’ll try to hold on to my faculties,” she said, and was glad to report she did indeed hold herself together through the whole thing.

Amazingly, Wilson had the presence of mind to make a quick video of herself immediately after the surgery and, for that, we are forever grateful. In the clip — recorded in a car immediately following the procedure — Wilson tells the camera, “I just wanted to say hi to everyone.”


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