She also accuses rival Nicole of playing 'a snake game'

By Dalton Ross
Updated September 02, 2016 at 08:57 PM EDT
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She came. She saw. She cried. That kind of sums up the game of Big Brother contestant Michelle Meyer. While Michelle gave us some of the season’s most electric moments when she eviscerated folks like Paulie and Nicole at eviction ceremonies, the 23-year-old nutritionist all too often faded into the background while gameplay and alliances swirled around her. We caught up via email with Michelle on her way to the jury house to get her thoughts on her stay in the Big Brother house, and while she may not have played a great game, Meyer is definitely a great sport about the experience. For more Big Brother Q&As, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, are you crying right now?

MICHELLE MEYER: I am not crying right now. I shed my tears last night. But the tissues from the care package came in handy.

You seemed to take delight in publicly blowing up Nicole’s game, even after you were already voted out. Why keep going after her?

I just feel like she is playing a snake game. From day one, I knew she was going to be stepping up the game. Right away, she was a target of mine. Because she’s a super fan, I knew she’d be playing hard. I was close to her and then she wanted me gone… she lied to be about sending Day home… I just felt really betrayed by her. And, it’s a little fun, because she hates it — she was afraid of it. And no one else is going to do it. She’s going to slip right though, she’s never been on the block… I can see her going far. Plus, she was the deciding vote on who evicted me.

You also took some shots at Vic on your way out, calling him “the ultimate butt kisser.” Was that anything personal against him or were you just trying to shake things up?

It was strategic, and it was in a way personal because last week he was kissing my butt, and this week he went straight to Nicole and Corey and did the same exact thing.

Wait, is Dan Gheesling really your cousin-in-law, or did you just make that up?

No, Dan Gheesling is not my cousin. I did it to cause some paranoia in the house. Dan does live 40 minutes way from me.

And why steal Paul’s pelican on your way out?

Paul had a huge attachment to it. And he didn’t get evicted this week, so I thought I’d evict his best friend with me.

You really didn’t campaign to stay in the house until the last minute. Why not fight harder to stay?

I really didn’t think I needed to, which is definitely the worst game move ever and I look stupid as a super fan. I really thought Nicole and Corey thought Paul was a bigger threat. James and Natalie assured me I was safe… Nicole definitely made a personal decision. I hope the houseguests take her out this week.

You’re a super fan. How would you critique your game this summer?

Horrible. I made it seventh. I got beat out my Victor, Paul, Corey, Natalie — who had no idea about the game, who weren’t superfans, that I know of.

Who are you most and least looking forward to seeing in the jury house?

Most: Day

Least: Paulie

Finally, do you think you can score a ticket to be in the Big Brother live studio audience now?

I really hope so! I can hype up the crowd — I’ll bring enough Pablos for everyone. There’ll be inflatable ducks everywhere and I’ll call out the houseguests when they get evicted.

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