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Each week, Big Brother host Julie Chen will answer a few questions about the latest events in the house. Today, she weighs in on Corey’s odd bribe, Michelle’s gameplay, Victor’s chances with the jury, and who has the toughest road to victory.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Corey won the care package this week from America and used his $5,000 bribe to pay Victor to do what Victor was going to do anyway in voting out Michelle. What did you think about that…um, interesting way of using the bribe, instead of, say, paying James to not compete in the next Head of Household competition?

JULIE CHEN: No one ever said Corey was a rocket scientist.

Michelle is a self-proclaimed super fan. What’s your take on how she played in the house?

A super fan doesn’t make you a super player, as we saw demonstrated this year by Michelle. Fans watch. Players engage and compete. I think she’s even expressed she let herself down with her lack of engagement in the game.

Victor was evicted twice but now finds himself in the final six. Should he make it to the end, do you think this jury will respect the fact that he battled his way back twice, or not want to reward a guy who got so many chances?


We’re down to the final six. Who’s the person with the toughest road to victory?

Nicole probably has the toughest road the victory. She’s not particularly good at comps and Corey’s not great at mental comps. Even if she makes it to the final two, she doesn’t have a lot of supporters/friends on the jury.

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