By Christian Holub
September 01, 2016 at 12:05 PM EDT

Christian Slater was a guest on Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show, which obviously meant the show had to do some kind of Mr. Robot parody. And so the cold open began with host Stephen Colbert huddled in his Rami Malek-esque hoodie, muttering to himself about “what if the show is all in my head?” Unfortunately, he’s dealing with the well-adjusted real-life Slater, not the fictional Mr. Robot.

“Oh I see what’s going on here,” Slater said. “I’m on Mr. Robot, so you’re doing a Mr. Robot bit.”

“Am I? Or is the bit doing me?” Colbert asked. “Maybe we’re all just ones and zeros in a big game of Ms. Pac-Man.”

Finally, Slater caved to Colbert’s questioning of reality: “Alright, I’m not real.”

“But I am,” said a second Slater, popping up from the side to scare both Slater and Colbert and kick off the show.

Watch the clip below.