Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A growing list of celebrities have spoken out against Donald Trump during his presidential run, and Madonna is now the latest to slam the politician — and his sons.

On Thursday, the singer took Trump and his sons to task for a recently resurfaced photo of Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric posing with a leopard they killed while hunting. She wrote in the caption, “How Big Of. P—y Do you have to BE to kill this Noble Animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hilary!”

The photo was one of several controversial images of the Trump brothers that were leaked in 2012, reportedly from a big-game hunting expedition in Africa. In 2012, Trump Jr. defended his actions by tweeting, “No prob, I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies happy to debate it.” He later added, “I can assure you it was not wasteful the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat. Very grateful.”

The photos have made headlines several times in recent months as Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as gained steam. The businessman-turned-Republican nominee spoke out in support of his sons last July, saying, “My sons love to hunt. They are members of the NRA, very proudly. I am a big believer in the second amendment. My sons are hunters. Eric is a hunter. He puts it on a par with golf – ahead of golf. And my other son is a hunter. They are great marksmen, great shots. I like to play golf.”

Big-game hunting has been a popular target of criticism among Hollywood stars, many of whom spoke out against the the killing of Cecil the lion last summer.