He also covers Tupac's 'Thugz Mansion'

By Dylan Kickham
September 01, 2016 at 04:45 PM EDT

Justin Bieber went acoustic for a bare-bones rendition of “Fast Car” in a BBC Radio 1 live session on Thursday.

“This is one of my faves,” Bieber said before starting the Tracy Chapman cover. “My mom used to play it my whole childhood, so it’s just a part of my childhood and one of my favorite songs.”

Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, Bieber delivered a gentle performance of the 1988 folk song, delicately crooning the first verse. When he reached the chorus, he picked up the tempo and volume, emotionally singing the well-known refrain: “I had a feeling that I belonged. I had a feeling that I could be someone.”

Afterwards, Bieber also covered Tupac’s “Thugz Mansion.” Along with these covers, Bieber performed a number of his recent hits in the session, such as “Love Yourself” and his Major Lazer collaboration “Cold Water.”

Check out Bieber’s “Fast Car” performance above and the Tupac cover below.