It may not seem like a fairytale that you have to wait until next year to see Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s live-action remake of its beloved 1991 animated classic, which stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. But the happy ending to this sentence is that you can now see a behind-the-scenes clip about the film.

Disney released a new sneak peek at the upcoming film on Thursday, and it includes Watson and Stevens getting into character as Belle and the Beast at the movie’s table read, as well as footage of director Bill Condon explaining why the time is right to retell the story. There are also glimpses at the ballroom and the 2017 versions of Cogsworth and Lumière (voiced by Ian McKellen and Ewan McGregor, respectively).

The clip comes from a longer sneak peek featured on the 25th anniversary rerelease of the original film which is released on digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on Sept. 6 and Blu-ray/DVD on Sept. 20. The rerelease boasts various versions of the film, including the original theatrical cut and and an extended version which finds room for the “Human Again” song sequence. There are also an array of featurettes, from “Menken & Friends: 25 Years of Musical Inspiration,” in which songwriter Alan Menken discusses the composing craft with, among others, Hamilton‘s Lin-Manual Miranda, to “Always Belle,” a reminiscence from Paige O’Hara about voicing the character in the 1991 film.

You can see the behind-the-scenes clip about Beauty and the Beast, above.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)
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