By Christian Holub
August 31, 2016 at 01:20 PM EDT

The 2016 presidential election has received nonstop media coverage, but despite all the talk about Donald Trump’s hypothetical Mexican border wall or Hillary Clinton’s missing emails, certain issues have gotten barely any coverage at all. Climate change, for example, has been blamed for the recent flooding in Louisiana but has barely come up as a campaign topic yet. Seth Meyers attempted to rectify this on Tuesday night by dedicating his A Closer Look segment to recent climate change-related disasters and heat waves.

“Eight events have happened in the last year that are only supposed to happen once every 500 years, not to mention, on top of that, the f—ing Chicago Cubs are in first place! So who knows what’s going on?” Meyers said. “With everything going on, it’s insane that climate change isn’t one of the biggest issues in the presidential campaign. The Earth is acting insane, but we’re too busy focusing on Donald Trump to notice. Meanwhile, the Earth is currently the Donald Trump of planets. They even use Trump’s skin tone to illustrate extreme heat.” 

As Meyers pointed out, however, the rise of Trump is related to the kind of Republican indifference to climate change that has stopped the issue from becoming a national debate. Meyers replayed a favorite clip of his, of Trump supporter Michael Cohen responding to polls showing Clinton in the lead with a stubborn “says who?”

“It isn’t just polls. ‘Says who’ is basically the default Republican Party position on climate change,” Meyers said. “This anti-intellectualism is at the core of the modern GOP and goes all the way to the presidential ticket.” 

Watch the clip below.

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