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Perhaps the only people who enjoy puke takes more than Stephen Colbert are John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Colbert first pioneered the hilarious fake-vomit technique years ago with his Dana Carvey Show and Daily Show comrade Steve Carell, but he has since put it to use on The Late Show. When Krasinski stopped by back in January, he and Colbert did some puke takes while reenacting lines from A Few Good Men. Naturally, when the actor returned Tuesday night to promote his new film The Hollars, he and Colbert just had to do more a few more.

“Would you like to do some more fake-vomiting with me right now?” Colbert asked.

“I will do it all day, every day,” Krasinski said.

This time, though, they added Shakespeare. Reciting the Bard’s “Sonnet 18” allowed Krasinski to address the bit to his wife Blunt, another self-proclaimed superfan of puke takes, who tried them herself when she was on Colbert’s show last year.

“Emily, shall I compare thee to a summer’s – hggh,” Krasinski said, going into pretend minor convulsions.

Watch the video below.

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