You know Jacob Tremblay, that adorable little kid who made your heart melt in Room and makes you forget about life’s many problems when he enthusiastically reacts to all things Star Wars or shares photos of his puppy? Well, you might not be finding him so cute in his next film role.

The trailer for the upcoming horror movie Shut In shows Tremblay turning Naomi Watts’ life into a living nightmare. Tremblay plays Tom, a boy who is sent to child psychiatrist Mary (Watts) to deal with the trauma of his mother’s recent death. Mary has dealt with her fair share of loss as well, as her son (Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things) was critically paralyzed in a car crash that killed her husband, so she decides to take Tom in.

Soon after, Tom runs away from Mary’s home into the wintery night and is pronounced dead — which is when strange things begin to happen to Mary.


Shut In hits theaters Nov. 11. Check out the trailer above.