Demi Lovato surprised a handful of unsuspecting fans when she posed as a driver in an episode of Undercover Lyft.

In Wednesday’s episode, Lovato took the wheel in Denver, one of the stops on her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, wearing a disguise of a hat and sunglasses. She introduces herself as “Sam” and tells passengers, “I’m trying to be a singer.” She sneakily tries to prompt her customers into saying bad stuff about her, baiting them them with digs like “She’s so annoying though” and “Selena’s so much more talented.”

She even brings up her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, causing one woman to gush about how hot he is. At which point she says of his abstinence ring, “You know it’s gone now.” Even when she sings “This is Me” from Camp Rock, no one recognizes her. When she does reveal her identity, the reactions are hilarious.