'Sit Still, Look Pretty' is going to be my debut to the world,' the 17-year-old pop breakout tells EW
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh-born singer-songwriter has dominated airwaves this year with featured vocals on the Chainsmokers’ hit “Don’t Let Me Down” and a surprise pop single, “Hide Away,” (That’d be the earworm that goes, “Where do the Good! Boys! Go! To! Hide! Away…Hideawaaaaay!”) But Daya, 17 is taking a laid-back approach to her anticipated full-length debut.

Sit Still, Look Pretty blends reggae grooves, EDM beats, and her gorgeous, fluttery vocals. “There’s less in-your-face pop, less driving beats,” she tells EW. “It’s more chill.” While the sonic vibe is easygoing, her lyrics still aim to empower. “I write about growing up, youth, and development,” she says. “I write about what I know.”

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Out Oct. 7, Sit Still, Look Pretty will complete the Daya EP she released last year and houses eight new tracks that she calls “a more mature version of the EP.” Daya says, “The EP is out, but I feel like it doesn’t showcase everything I have. Sit Still, Look Pretty is going to be my debut to the world.”

Hear a preview and see the track list for Sit Still, Look Pretty below.

1. Dare

2. Legendary

3. I.C.Y.M.I.

4. Thirsty

5. Love of My Life

6. Hide Away

7. Cool

8. Sit Still, Look Pretty

9. Talk

10. U12

11. Words

12. Back to Me

13. Got the Feeling

14. We Are