By George Stark
Updated August 31, 2016 at 12:20 PM EDT
Credit: NBC

Chris Brown’s alleged victim is speaking out following the singer’s arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

The singer was involved in a nine-hour standoff of sorts with the Los Angeles Police Department at his L.A. mansion after a woman called 911 claiming he had allegedly threatened her with a gun in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Speaking to Extra after the event, Baylee Curran, a model, claims she has witnesses who can back up her story and also delivered a message to Brown.

Curran claims that she was admiring some diamonds at Brown’s house when a man started shouting at her to get away from them. “Chris came in, pulled out his gun and said, ‘I’m getting so sick of you people,’ pointed the gun at me, [and told me] to get the f—- out of the house,” she claimed.

Curran then claims that she was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement before handing back her phone, but instead made a run for it.

“I fled down his driveway,” she said. “I went to the left side of the street, went up a couple houses, was running. That’s when the neighbors heard the commotion and saw me out there and then called the police, and that is when I then called the police.”

LAPD police officer Tony Im told PEOPLE that officers responded to a radio call of a female screaming at 3:11 a.m.

Curran told Extra that before police arrived, she “saw a black jeep come down from Chris’ driveway toward where I was, where the neighbor was. I went underneath the nearest vehicle… there I was, literally crawled underneath the car… hid behind the tires, and the jeep came up to the area of that vehicle, turned around and went back up the driveway.”

The model – who insists that she’s not speaking out for publicity – also gave a message to Brown in her interview: “I would say to Chris, be the good person that I know you are. He knows what he has done… I would say, just come out with the truth, because I’m sure it will come out one day anyway.”