By Chancellor Agard
August 31, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Mike Pont/WireImage

Bill Nye is trying to make a global impact one episode at a time with his new Netflix show. On Wednesday, the streaming service announced the forthcoming launch of Bill Nye Saves the World, a new talk show that will examine the intersection of science with politics, society, and pop culture.

In each episode, Nye will use scientific know-how to dispel myths and anti-scientific claims made by those in power, Netflix said in a press release. The episode topics will include vaccinations, climate change, and genetically modified foods. You can also expect the show to feature special guests and scientific experiments and demonstrations.

“Since the start of the Science Guy show, I’ve been on a mission to change the world by getting people everywhere excited about the fundamental ideas in science,” said the acclaimed science educator in a statement, referring to his Bill Nye the Science Guy program from the ’90s. “With the right science and good writing, we’ll do our best to enlighten and entertain our audience. And, perhaps we’ll change the world a little.”

Michael Naidus (The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson) will serve as showrunner and executive producer with standup comedian Mike Drucker (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) and astronomer Phil Plait serving as head comedy writer and head science writer, respectively. Bunim/Murray Productions’ Gil Goldschein and Julie Pizzi will also executive produce.

Bill Nye Saves the World will debut in spring 2017 on Netflix.