By Tina Jordan and Isabella Biedenharn
Updated August 30, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
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From sequels (Zebulon Finch returns!) to long-awaited follow-ups (so does Jay Asher!), here are the 7 YA novels we’re dying to read this fall.

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (Sept. 20)

In Arnold’s funny, sweet, utterly heart-wrenching novel—his first since Mosquitoland—a kid with a rare brain disorder enlists his friends to help him scatter his father’s ashes in a meaningful place.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Sept. 27)

Bardugo’s Six of Crows, a 2015 fantasy-heist novel set in an alternative Dutch underworld, introduced readers to the six badass teenagers whose adventures continue in this second novel.

Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland (Oct. 4)

Grace is enigmatic (and doesn’t shower as often as she should); Henry is cute but hopeless around girls. This much-buzzed-about debut captures the messy, awkward, all-consuming emotions of a teen’s first love. Read EW’s exclusive excerpt here.

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We Know It Was You by Maggie Thrash (Oct. 4)

Thrash’s Twin Peaks-esque whodunit—the first in a new series—starts off with a bang, when a gorgeous cheerleader throws herself off a bridge into the roiling river below. Or did she? The story unspools from the points of view of other kids at the school.

What Light by Jay Asher (Oct. 18)

Fans have been clamoring for another Asher novel ever since the publication of Thirteen Reasons Why, and this romance—starring a girl who grew up on a Christmas-tree farm—won’t disappoint.

The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch, Vol. 2 by Daniel Kraus (Oct. 25)

In Vol. 1, Finch—a 17-year-old gangster known as “the Black Hand”—met his demise in 19th-century Chicago. Sort of. His ability to move, think, and speak remained intact as his body disintegrated, and he began roaming through time and countries trying to make sense of his predicament. Now the curiously appealing, globe-trotting dead kid is back for a second installment.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Nov. 8)

The Lunar Chronicles author knows how to breathe new life into old tales, and Heartless imagines Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts long before she set heads rolling—here, she’s just a lovesick teen who wants to be a baker.