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The Ex

Flavor of Love’s stand-out star “New York” is hosting her own reality dating show, and the teaser proves the HBIC is truly back.

The new series The Ex brings Tiffany “New York” Pollard back into the spotlight as the host of a gay dating show with a unique premise. Each week, two exes will vie for the attention of three contestants in the hopes of finding new love after heartache. There seem to be plenty of Bachelor-style adventure dates, including a skydiving heart-to-heart.

“I have such a connection with my gay fans,” shares a teary-eyed Pollard, explaining why the show’s premise matters to her. “I love them so much because they understand what it is to be misunderstood.”

Pollard first graced the reality TV world when looking for love with Flavor Flav on his hit VH1 series. She fought fiercely with contestants Pumkin and Hoopz for the rapper’s heart. Instead, she earned fans’ adoration and went on to star in 4 spin-off shows of her own. Since then she regained fame during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

The Ex does not yet have a premiere date. Watch the trailer, which debuted on Buzzfeed, above.

The Ex
  • Movie
  • 89 minutes