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Lance Bass appeared on an episode of the podcast Allegedly with Matthew Cole Weiss and special guest host Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother to talk about his upcoming hosting gig on Logo’s Finding Prince Charming.

Besides talking about the new gay dating show, which Bass assures is “more realistic” than The Bachelor, Bass opens up about *NSYNC manager Lou Pearlman’s death, hanging with his former bandmates, and whether the guys will ever make new music together.

Bass says he had “conflicted emotions” about the recent death of Lou Pearlman who died in prison recently while serving time for conspiracy and money laundering. “The first thing that hit me was that I felt sorry for him…if you believe in karma, then karma definitely paid him back,” the TV host says, but mainly Bass wants to forgive Pearlman noting the last time he saw him was in court. “I have forgiven him and that’s the only thing I can do.”

The former *NSYNC member also reminisced about the recent reunion with his bandmates for JC Chasez’s 40th birthday saying, “It’s hard to get all five of us in a room.” Despite the distance between them, Bass says he stays in contact with his “brothers” through their outrageous group chat.”If all these texts were printed out and put in the the Smithsonian there’d be some good reading cause it’s hilarious,” he jokes.

Unfortunately, fans of the boy band shouldn’t hold their breath for new *NSYNC music though. When the group originally took a break in 2002, the plan was for Justin Timberlake to give his solo career a shot and then come back to record the next *NSYNC album, though those plans never materialized. Bass thinks it’s a bummer. “Is it disappointing we never did the new *NSYNC album? Yes, of course I spent months writing that thing and I never got the record the songs…but you can’t deny the fact that we had no idea [Timberlake’s] career was going to blow up like that. There was no stopping it.”

The band won’t think of replacing Timberlake either. “We talked about that,” Bass tells Allegedly before adding, “We discussed that with Justin and Justin even said, ‘Guys, if you want to do something the four of you, go right ahead.’ But we ultimately decided that it’s just not *NSYNC without all five guys. It just would be really weird.”

Check out Finding Prince Charming on Logo Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. ET and the full episode of Allegedly with Lance Bass here.

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