By Christian Holub
August 30, 2016 at 11:54 AM EDT

Although not quite as alarming as his declaration last year about wanting to run for president, Kanye West’s contribution to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was still fascinating: a music video for his song “Fade” that featured Teyana Taylor dancing passionately around an empty gym. On Monday night, The Late Late Show host James Corden imagined what it might’ve been like to try working out in that gym at the same time as Taylor’s character.

“Do you mind dialing it down just a little bit?” Corden asked as Taylor danced intensely around the gym. “It feels like you’re ramping up, if anything. It feels like you’ve ramped up.”

The video, of course, ends with Taylor shifting into a half-cat lady surrounded by sheep, which annoyed Corden to no end.

“Guys, it could not be clearer,” Corden said, pointing to a “No Sheep in Gym” sign on the wall. “A lot of us only joined this gym because of its zero-sheep policy. Cat-face is fine, but these have got to go.”

Watch the clip below.

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