One last time...
Credit: Joan Marcus

It’s time to raise a glass to Hamilton‘s live #Ham4Ham shows — the Broadway musical’s weekly Wednesday live performances are coming to an end.

The show shared the news Tuesday on Twitter, writing, “After tomorrow, we’ll be retiring Live #Ham4Ham shows for now. We love seeing your faces every Wednesday, but we have to say goodbye.” No reason was cited. However, that tantalizing “for now” leaves the possibility open that live shows could return at a later point in time. The show also tweeted, “The online #Ham4Ham lottery will continue for every performance, and we may throw in a digital #Ham4Ham show from time to time. Stay tuned!”

In January, the live shows took a hiatus for the winter and moved online, with Hamilton creator and then-star Lin-Manuel Miranda treating audiences to digital #Ham4Hams on YouTube. In April, the show announced that it would resume the in-person performances along with the Wednesday ticket lottery.

Miranda, who was the original host of the #Ham4Ham shows, passed the torch to Rory O’Malley (King George III) before he departed Hamilton in July.

See the tweets below:

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