Singer teases actor in latest Facebook Live, and takes fans into his recording studio
Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Garth Brooks might be the winner of multiple Entertainer of the Year honors, but it’s Ashton Kutcher who’s getting the country star’s attention with his vocal stylings.

During the latest episode of his weekly Facebook live event Inside Studio G on Monday, the country star took a few minutes at the beginning to watch a clip of fellow performer Thomas Rhett and a special guest. Rhett was performing “Friends in Low Places” at a concert in Iowa when Kutcher joined him on stage. “One verse, one time, Iowa style,” says the Iowa native to the cheering crowd. “Let’s do it.”

As the That ’70s Show actor begins to sing, Brooks jokingly cringes, looking to the camera in shock, while giggling throughout the performance. “There you go. When all else fails: drink,” quips Brooks. The crowd seems to go along with the actor’s attempt at singing, but Brooks gives some constructive criticism instead. “Ashton, I don’t know what to say, man. The guys in baseball always told me, ‘Don’t quit your day job,’ but I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna say that,” he laughs, referring to his short and rather unsuccessful stint in MLB.

Brooks is giving a special inside look at his album production process through weekly exclusive first-look videos. This week he gave fans a tour of his studio (the same one where “Friends in Low Places” was first played) and a preview of some of the music he’s working on for a new album, the theme of which he says is shaping up to be “summer all year long.”

Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation can be seen every Monday at 7 p.m. ET on the Garth Brooks official Facebook page.

Watch the video below.