By Christopher Rosen
Updated August 29, 2016 at 03:16 PM EDT
Kevin Kane/FilmMagic

Kanye West touched on a lot of people during his shaggy speech at the VMAs on Sunday night, including himself, wife Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and Harry Truman. But only one celebrity mentioned by West reacted with what amounted to the shrug emoji: Amber Rose.

The model, television host, and author — who dated West and slammed the rapper earlier this year for using her son with Wiz Khalifa as ammunition during a Twitter feud with Khalifa — is one of the celebrities whose likeness appears in “Famous.” West called her out during his speech, while explaining that “Famous,” which also featured wax sculptures of Swift, George W. Bush, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump, was “an expression of our now, our fame right now, us on the inside of the TV.”

“You know, just to put… the audacity to put Anna Wintour right next to Donald Trump,” West said. “I mean, like, I put Ray J in it, bro. This is fame, bro! Like, I see you Amber. My wife is a G. Not a lot of peoples’ wives would let them say that right there.”

In response to the mention, Rose shrugged.

Earlier this year, Rose was asked about people who only consider her fame a product of being in a prior relationship with West.

“The misconception — and I still hear this seven years later, to this day — is, ‘You’re only famous for Kanye,'” Rose said to The Daily Beast. “Initially, absolutely. In 2009, when they’re like, ‘Amber Rose — Kanye’s girlfriend,’ I was like, ‘OK, that’s pretty accurate. That’s what it is.’ But I didn’t ask to be famous, and I didn’t even talk or do interviews for two years, because I thought, ‘I don’t want this. I’m not famous.’ Over time, with going out in public, I realized it would never go away, so I didn’t have any choice but to progress. Everything I’ve done since then is my own doing, and I’ve worked my f—ing ass off for everything I have. But Wendy Williams put Charlamagne on. Jay Z put Kanye on! But they don’t do that to men, and they always want to diminish my accomplishments and put them on someone else when I work really hard.”