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UPDATE: After spending the day in the process of jury selection, Taylor Swift has been dismissed from jury duty, reports WSMV correspondent Hayley Mason. According to Mason, Swift advanced past the initial rounds of jury selection for a particularly grisly case involving aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and domestic assault. But as the selection process continued, Swift was dismissed.

Swift reportedly told the case’s prosecutor that she is involved in a civil sexual assault case that has yet to go to trial, but assured the court that she could remain impartial if selected. Swift’s case is presumably one she filed at the end of last year, against a radio DJ whom she accused of groping her.

Read Mason’s updates below.

EARLIER: Most people think of jury duty as an annoyance, but for those lucky enough to live in Nashville right now, it might just turn into a free Taylor Swift meet-and-greet.

Photos of Swift showing up for a jury selection in Nashville popped up online Monday morning.

It appears Swift has been summoned for jury duty in Music City. The singer posed for photos with a number of her fellow potential jurors.

Maybe that’s why she decided to skip out on the VMAs Sunday night, to rest up in order to perform her civic duty in the morning. Check out the jury duty photos below.