Credit: Chiaki Nozu/Getty Images

Harambe the gorilla might be gone, but the music industry certainly isn’t letting us forget him.

After Young Thug included a song titled “Harambe” on his fourth studio album, JEFFREY, released Friday, Scottish electronic act CHVRCHES dedicated one of their signature songs to the fallen Cincinnatti Zoo gorilla, who was shot and killed by authorities in May as a means to protect a young boy who’d accidentally fallen into the primate’s enclosure.

Performing at the U.K.’s Reading Festival on Friday night, Martin Doherty, CHVRCHES’ synth player and occasional vocalist, introduced the band’s next song with a dedication to the deceased gorilla, whose death has sparked both internet debate and a series of memes over the course of the last three months.

“Hello,” Doherty addresses the crowd. “This is called ‘Under the Tide.’ R.I.P. Harambe.”

The song’s lyrics, sung by Doherty as lead vocalist Lauren Mayberry takes on synthesizer and drum duties, include phrases like: “I’m watching you run, run from the sidelines. Take in a breath, fill in your lungs. Keeping you alive, no fear. I’ll be your eyes, I’ll be a lifeline” and “If I can be, I’ll be your strength. And it won’t be long now. Head up, head up. Keep holding, holding your head up, head up.”

“Under the Tide” originally appeared on CHVRCHES’ debut album, The Bones of What You Believe, in 2013. Watch Doherty lead a performance of the song in the clip above, and check out the tune’s official music video, below.