He was excited
Credit: MTV

Chance the Rapper acted like pretty much everyone when Beyoncé crashed his backstage interview before Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards: the 23-year-old flipped out.

During an interview with MTV News correspondent Meredith Graves, Chance was discussing his physical form — specifically how he was coming for Drake’s muscles — when Beyoncé walked behind him and grabbed the rapper’s arm. At first, Chance didn’t seem too fazed by the touch… until he realized it was Beyoncé.

“Oh my God, that was ‘Yonce,” he yelled, before running over to talk to the singer. Their brief interaction was documented by the MTV News cameras (watch below).

“This my life,” Chance said after the interaction came to an end, closing his comments with a swear.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Graves responded as Chance walked away.

For awards show fans, the Chance-Beyoncé encounter might recall the moment when Jennifer Lawrence met Jack Nicholson backstage at the Oscars in 2013.

Watch Beyoncé make Chance the Rapper’s night in the video below.