Credit: DC Comics

Looks like the DC movie universe just got another villain. On Monday, Ben Affleck tweeted a video showing a never-before-seen character dressed in head-to-toe armor. Although the character’s identity has not yet been officially confirmed (or what the footage is from, though the Justice League movie slated for 2017 would be a good guess), he certainly appears to be none other than longtime DC villain Deathstroke.

Sometimes graced with the additional subtitle of “The Terminator,” Deathstroke first appeared in the pages of Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s The New Teen Titans comic in the ’80s. Brilliant, ruthless, one-eyed mercenary Slade Wilson was a very deadly enemy for the teenaged superheroes, so much so that his villainy eventually expanded to menace the greater DC universe. In a 2004 issue of the miniseries Identity Crisis, Deathstroke strategically took down almost a dozen Justice League members; his tactical genius and combat expertise essentially make him a villainous Batman equivalent. The character’s first multimedia adaptation came in the mid-2000s Teen Titans cartoon, where his outfit morphed from blue-orange mesh to actual body armor; that armored version of the character seems to be the model for this new one. Later, Deathstroke popped up in DC live-action shows like Smallville and Arrow. One of the first visuals in the latter’s pilot episode is a shot of Deathstroke’s mask impaled on a stick.

It’s not clear what Deathstroke could be up to — for now, he appears to be standing in a warehouse or arsenal of some sort. If this is indeed footage from Justice League, we already know that movie’s villain is officially Steppenwolf. Perhaps Deathstroke is being manipulated by that being, as Lex Luthor was in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Slade was once turned into a puppet for the demon Trigon in the aforementioned Teen Titans cartoon, so it’s not totally unheard of. Then again, maybe he’s just a first-act villain that the newfound superhero group can defeat while learning about their powers and each other. For now, guesses are all we have. Watch Affleck’s footage below.